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Spike work as a pro-active entity across all Salomon’s markets. From high profile events to core, grass roots activities they have achieved impressive coverage in a variety of mediums. They work as part of the Salomon team, with a hands-on, upbeat approach, contacting activity managers and sponsored riders direct, constantly seeking unique, clear, newsworthy concepts. Their grasp of Salomon’s brand strategy, individual activity key concepts and product knowledge ensures effective communication throughout. They have an impressive band of journalists behind them which, together with their relentless drive and enthusiasm across all activities from trail running to ski, is illustrated in increased coverage year on year.
Paul Griffiths, Marketing Manager, Salomon GB
Ellis Brigham have retained Spike for the last twelve years. We are a hands-on family owned business, driven by strong personalities and it was Katy's ability to understand both our business and how the people within the business ticked that first attracted us to her spin on PR. Previously with a couple of more mainstream Soho based PR agencies, we always felt like a filler account, way down on the priorities list below bigger corporate clients - so when Katy set up Spike, it was a real god-send to us. The Spike team functions almost like an in-house PR department, immersing themselves in our company ethos and so better understanding budget considerations as well as our priorities and aspirations in PR and marketing. They understand our market and consumer base implicitly and communicate with relevant media with authority. Most importantly, they take pressure off me, by handling day to day issues. Spike are a vital part of the Ellis Brigham team and the continuing growth we enjoy is in no small part be put down to our higher company profile created by a fully dialed PR set-up.
David Whitlow, Creative Director, Ellis Brigham Mountain Sports
The Steamboat Ski Area Public Relations department has been partnering with Spike Communications since the 00/01 ski season. Since then, Spike has greatly enhanced Steamboat’s reputation as a world-class ski resort throughout the UK. Spike has organised numerous press trips with prominent journalists and has successfully represented Steamboat at UK press functions and exhibitions. They are enthusiastic, conscientious media professionals, constantly looking for creative, fun, fresh ways to promote the Steamboat Ski Area. We truly value our relationship with Spike Communications.
Loryn Kasten, PR Manager of Steamboat Ski & Resort Corp.
We moved our account to Spike having grown disillusioned by the fees charged by a big London agency. There was no drop off in exposure, in fact quite the opposite, and we appreciate the flexibility of the Spike girls. They always deliver what we need, and usually more.
Jason Kerry, Country Manager, Suunto
I've worked with Spike for over a decade now, and in that time they have proved unfailingly helpful, swift to respond to enquiries, and smart in their selection of stories and products they promote to ensure these are always appropriate to my magazine(s). Katy and Justine are a pleasure to work with – professional with a smile. They make my job easier.
Jonathan Manning, Outdoor Fitness
Some PRs pester you (and I sometimes pester PRs, I must admit) but one of the great things about Katy Turner and Spike Communications in general is that they do their jobs efficiently, unfussily and with good grace - and never pester! Thanks to Spike I have been granted some great high-profile ski industry interviews and equipment briefings. Long may this continue. Thanks Katy!
Arnie Wilson, ski correspondent
When the Spike girls approach me it is always with a well thought-out, well-targeted pitch – they never waste my time with irrelevant suggestions. Their accompanying press information is really well written - not something you can take for granted in this day and age. Working with them is a pleasure.
Jonathan Margolis, Technopolis Editor, Financial Times How to Spend It magazine
Country Walking magazine has had a fantastic working relationship with Spike for well over ten years. The team is great at alerting us to new products that are spot-on relevant to our readers, with visuals, samples and other resources all provided. Our monthly review pages mean we deal with Spike and their clients on a very regular basis, and their understanding of what we need, and what our readers want to know, is first rate!
Nick Hallissey, Deputy Editor, Country Walking
The Spike Team host great press trips. The one I joined in Steamboat was a blast, and I can't remember smiling and enjoying a trip more in my ten years as a ski journalist. The organisation was excellent, they were brilliant company, and most importantly made sure I got what I needed for the readership of our magazine.
Jonny Richards, Editor at large, Fall-Line Skiing magazine
Spike Communications are the PR equivalent of Mighty Mouse: small in size but huge in capability. I have dealt with them for over five years and in that time they've taken pains to build strong relations with Runner's World, always striking the right balance between sociability and professionalism. They never bullshit – they either have the answer or they go find it without delay; they're relentlessly upbeat; they're full of brand-specfic ideas, and if you look up 'efficiency' in the dictionary you'll simply find the Spike girls grinning cheekily back at you.
Kerry McCarthy, Senior Writer Runner's World Magazine
the digital age has made writing a column harder than ever - because there's never anyone around to deal with; voice mail devices can't tell a deadline from a download. That's why I like Spike. The people there understand the pace of the media and ensure there is always someone at the end of the line to get things done. It maybe old fashioned, but it works.
Jonathan Futrell, Sunday Times
Spike Communications are about the best PR firm I've dealt with. They're reliably quick and efficient, helpful and creative, friendly and forgiving. I wish more agencies were like them.
Damian Hall, outdoor journalist
Spike Communications
Bakery House, High Street
t: 01371 856 785

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